Rihanna’s Reign

Rihanna has blown everyone away, yet again. The music powerhouse has never failed to amaze those around her both through her vocals and choice of style. She has started trends and shown individuals that it is okay to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothing, and to be your true self. 

Rihanna has previously dabbled in the fashion and makeup industries through having a collection in collaboration with Puma; Fenty x Puma, and her own beauty line. These collections not only exceeded all expectations but went on to cement Rihanna’s name as not only someone who could wear daring and well thought out clothing, but could produce and design it as well. 

Most recently, Rihanna has launched her own brand, Fenty, with the help of the multinational luxury goods conglomerate LVMH. The first collection launched in May 2019 in Paris, France. This collection included structured denim, corset dresses, strappy spiral sandals, pleated pants, and fanny packs. The second collection is set to drop at a pop-up store in New York City in June 2019. This collection, although similar to the first, focuses more on vacation pieces, vibrant colors, glitzy accessories, and graphic t-shirts paying homage to Rihanna’s home, the Barbados. 

Rihanna’s brand not only emulates her as an individual and artist, but is also size-inclusive. These two attributes of her brand set here apart from the rest of the industry, and serve as a breath of fresh air. Rihanna explained her vision to the T, The New Times Magazine. “I want to be as disruptive as possible. The brand is not traditional. There is no runway show. It’s a new way of doing things because I believe that this is where fashion is going eventually.” I could not agree with Rihanna more, and think that her vision and initiative will urge others to take the same actions. In my opinion, she is the future of the fashion industry. 

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