Where Marie Antoinette Meets Sportswear: Thom Browne Spring Summer 2020

The Paris Fashion Shows for the Spring Summer 2020 have continuously brought imagination, surprises, and master craftsmanship. The most astonishing of them all, in my opinion, has to be Thom Browne’s recent show. Browne’s clothing has been worn among many professional sports players, thus being his inspiration for his collection. “I’ve always used sports as a reference, and today, playing with the severity of the 18th century reference, grounding it in sports, was a way to bring it into the men’s world.” 

In all of his shows, Browne incorporates the element of theatrics and surprise. He is known for his use of stripes and striped fabrics throughout his pieces. The show was led by a ballet performance from the American Ballet Theatre’s James B. Whiteside, who wore a high-cut seersucker tutu made out of the signature stripes, and a tricolor blue bee stung lip. What followed was extravagant and meticulous tailoring, crafted French Revolution fashion, and 2D garments. 

This show stood out as it not only brought light to Browne’s brilliance when it comes to designing and executing clothing, but also brought attention to his ability in costume design. The larger than life dress silhouettes reminded onlookers of clothing worn by those in the Antoinette-era, whether that be the ginormous trousers or shapely sports jackets. Although paying homage to the Antoinette-era, the pieces also resembled those worn in the ivy league. He included jock straps and inserted balls into the sides of the skeletons of the skirts to give the full effect. The outfits were matched with bags for many sports; baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. Finally, every model was seen wearing a tricolored blue bee stung lip and sweat headband. 

Browne is the latest designer to incorporate the past with the present, and does so in such a whimsical, exciting way. His show not only allowed onlookers to use their imaginations, but allowed him to bring his ideas to fruition and show the public what takes place in his head. 

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