Diving Into Kim Jones’s Dior Fall 2020 Show

Pulling inspiration from the sun, sand, and culture of Miami, Kim Jones most recently debuted his Fall 2020 collection for Dior in Miami. The collection and show was curated in collaboration with Shawn Stussy and his popular surf wear brand, Stussy. The collaboration with Stussy is the latest in Jones’s takeover of Dior, as he has additionally collaborated with KAWS and Raymond Pettibon since his appointment as the artistic director of menswear in 2018. Through collaborating with Stussy, Jones has created and set the standard for what the melding of streetwear and high fashion should like look. 

Arriving in vintage Cadillac’s, guests were greeted to a completely wrapped runway covered in Stussy’s iteration of Dior’s logo through using his signature “wave print” which was laid on top of an ombre blue and green background. Stussy’s logo was seen throughout the show, due to its inclusion on numerous pairs of shoes, pieces of clothing, and bags. The melding of both the visions of Jones and Stussy can be seen through the mixture of colors and structures of the pieces in the collection. As if collaborating with Stussy was not enough for a single show, Jones revealed his collaboration with Air Jordan on an AJ1 sneaker. The sneaker includes Dior’s navy blue logo on the nike swoosh. This collaboration grabs the attention of those obsessed with sneakers, and allows them to invest in an original, classic shoe with a high fashion twist. This collaboration is completely on trend with what streetwear followers and buyers are looking for from the high fashion houses. 

Jones’s and Dior’s collaboration with Stussy continues to show the shift fashion houses are making to include streetwear and streetwear brands in their collections. Streetwear has not only continued to thrive individually, but has and continues to infiltrate the world of high fashion. Jones and the Dior he has curated serves as a prime example of how high fashion can incorporate streetwear effectively, and draw in fans from multiple sectors of fashion. In my opinion, Jones has found the perfect middle ground of not only incorporating streetwear giants into his collections, but still being able to express his own artistic ability and eye. 

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