Gucci’s Year of the Rat (or Mouse)

January 25th, 2020 signified the Chinese New Year, which is also referred to as the Lunar New Year. The Lunar New Year signifies the beginning of a new calendar year based on the cycles of the moon. With every new year comes a Chinese zodiac animal that goes along with it, and this year is the year of the rat. Tapping into the use of red as a symbol of the lunar new year and this year’s zodiac animal, designers created campaigns and capsule collections allowing all of society the opportunity to celebrate the year of the rat.

A favorite lunar new year collection here at Cultoure is Gucci’s Mickey Mouse collection in collaboration with Disney. Tapping into its logo print and traditional silhouettes, Gucci incorporated Mickey Mouse into every aspect. Whether it was the Rhyton sneaker with a giant Mickey Mouse laying down, the Canvas Slippers donning Gucci’s “GG” logo in brown and Mickey Mouse, or the signature Gucci t-shirt with Mickey Mouse in his trademarked pose, Gucci incorporated the famous mouse in the most fashionable way possible. What made this collection so special was the fact that it took a recognizable figure that is loved by society, and integrated it into the capsule collection to honor and celebrate the Lunar New Year. Although celebrating the Lunar New Year, Gucci’s use of Mickey Mouse can be loved and appreciated by all, regardless of their connection to the Chinese tradition. 

The collaborations designers curated for the Lunar New Year are the true definition of Cultoure; the intersection of culture and couture. They celebrated the acceptance of all cultures and traditions, all while doing so in the most fashionable way possible. Although not always through fashion, we as a society should accept and celebrate everyone and their respective ways of viewing the world and the many people and cultures it encompasses. 

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