Mask On: Covid-19 Edition

Companies and fashion houses around the world are learning that they need to adapt to the ever changing circumstances that come along with covid-19 to not only thrive in the fashion industry, but to merely keep their doors open. Around the world, individuals have found their new normal to be social distancing and the use of face masks when going outside or being around other people. Face masks, which were once merely for medical usage, have now taken over our way of life and become our new normal. As a result of this, fashion has looked to profit off of this new “accessory” and create their own masks that align with their brand’s images and overall aesthetics. 

Ranging from the likes of Off-White, Christian Siriano, and Takashi Murakami to Re/Done, Love Shack Fancy, and Cotton Citizen, brands are doing their part in not only supplying customers and first line workers with effective masks, but are making them as a fashionable way in which individuals can wear the brands that they love while still staying safe and healthy. With this, many brands who have had the means to make masks have not only donated masks to those in need of them, but have partnered with organizations that are aiding the fight against covid-19 and give a percentage of their profits made off of these masks. 

Regardless of living in these uncertain times, fashion brands have found a way to not only improve their business relative to our current situation and economy, but do their part in helping our communities stay safe and healthy while still allowing individuals to express themselves through their fashion choices. It is important that we all not only support those fighting this virus and the many organizations helping to do so, but that we also look for unique ways in which we can each help and make our world a healthier, safer place. 

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