Daniel Arsham: From the Future

When I think of art made from stone, I think of old relics and timeless pieces carved by the great artists that came before us. Daniel Arsham brings a new, modern definition and viewpoint to this concept. Arsham has an incredible ability to create minimalistic, breathtaking pieces of art, whether that be pieces in collaboration with Dior, replicating iconic characters or cultural objects, or creating art exhibits that allow the viewer to immerse themselves into his interests of art and architecture.  

Arsham began his collaboration with Dior’s Kim Jones when he created monolithic letter sculptures to be scattered down the runway spelling out the word ‘Dior’ for the Spring 2020 men’s show. The monolithic letters were consistent with Arsham’s signature style, using both stone and crystals and then carving them out to make them look as if they were worn and weathered. In addition to his pieces on the runway, Arsham helped to design many of the items in the collection that evoke his style of art. Another notable series Arsham has executed is the Future Relics series. In this series, Arsham takes future relics, which are familiar and common objects that are obsolete in the future world, and puts his signature stone carving to work. He highlights the object as a basic entity, while still bringing out the important features and aspects of the object at hand.

Most recently, Arsham was inspired by Pokemon to not only curate some of the characters and cards in sculpture form, but also collaborated with Uniqlo to bring his sculptures to limited edition pieces of apparel. Although Pokemon is the latest cultural asset that he has turned into his signature future relic, Arsham has previously made an NBA bronzed basketball, a Vogue magazine cover from a block of stone, and a life size sports car to name a few items. As part of his ongoing immersion into the modern art world, select pieces from Arshams collections will be auctioned off at Christies in their first single-artist online auction. For those interested, bidding will begin on June 19th, 2020, and will include pieces from his Pokemon, Dior, and Future Relics series’s. 

Throughout his career thus far, Arsham has shown that it is important to turn our passions and creativity into objects that celebrate and preserve our culture. He has defined pop modern art and extended it into all aspects of our lives through entertainment, fashion, and live experiences. We at Cultoure look forward to seeing the art that Arsham continues to curate, and how he will continue to pave the way for other modern artists to follow. 

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